2018 US Soccer Presidential Election

Eric Wynalda for USSF President

American Soccer United has been fortunate enough to become a part of many American soccer fans’ lives, and we take that relationship seriously. Currently, there is no more serious an event in American soccer than the 2018 US Soccer Presidential Election. From ASU’s creation, our focus and priority have been the growth of the game and uniting fans with American soccer players, coaches, administrators, owners, media, teams, clubs, and organizations that represent their communities. In the process of this election, we’ve been fortunate enough to communicate with several of the candidates directly, including Michael Winongrad, Kyle Martino, and Eric Wynalda. We have come to know other candidates who did not wish to publicly discuss their stances through their websites, interviews and social media. In the process, we’ve developed an affinity for certain candidates over others, which leads us to our endorsement of a candidate for the position of USSF President.

Our staff has been both communicating with the candidates throughout the ongoing campaign and taking in every piece of information they put out to the public and have assessed which candidate most directly falls in line with our Call for Reform.

We are excited to announce American Soccer United’s official endorsement of Eric Wynalda for USSF President. Eric Wynalda is responding to the massive outcry from the American soccer public to #ReformUSSF and make America the best representative for the future of the game in the world.

Below is some information on how you can help support the campaign and help elect Eric Wynalda for US Soccer Federation President soon.

How you can help

This Medium post by Anthony DiCicco breaks down the USSF Presidential Election voting groups and who most likely makes up those groups. It’s a long read, but worthwhile if you’d really like to understand the details of USSF process and governance. The basic takeaway for our purposes is that finding the names of all the voters and lobbying for a candidate directly is complex. However, with a little leg work there is a clear path to how fans can influence the election.

The voting groups breakdown like this:

The two groups of voters that are the most accessible and influential to fans are the Youth and Adult Councils. And with the goal of the process being to get 50%+1 (the majority of 568 voters), it’s just our luck that those two Councils combined have 582 votes.

So what you can do is follow the two directories linked below to email and call state Adult and Youth Associations and urge them to vote for Eric Wynalda in February. If you don’t have time to do all of them, pick the state you live in and send them a message because those are your representatives! We’ve included a template of what to say (that you can copy/paste) to make this as simple as possible.

Also, don’t forget to sign up as a volunteer on Wynalda’s site.

Elect Wynalda


USASA Regional Directory

US Youth Soccer Association Directory


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is (YOUR NAME), and I am writing on behalf of a soccer community that is frustrated yet hopeful. The United State’s failure to qualify for next year’s World Cup is a wake-up call. However at such a disappointing time in our soccer landscape, we have the unique opportunity to implement change and improve all aspects of soccer in our country. Where there is setback, there is hope: the upcoming election for United States Soccer Federation president.

One candidate more than any, Eric Wynalda, is a beacon of light within the soccer community. He is committed to the growth of soccer and believes in strengthening all levels of the game. There has never been a better time to address the issues which hinder the growth of our players, coaches, clubs and associations. I am confident that after you examine his platform, ideas and plans, you will find he is the best candidate to lead our federation. I ask that your state association vote for Eric Wynalda and help usher in a new era of soccer in the United States.

Thank you for both your time and your vote for a better soccer future! Sincerely,