A Call for Decency

The American Dream for Every American Club

December 13, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

In 2014 I was drawn in to a conversation on Twitter that I knew little about… the opening of the US soccer pyramid or as it is commonly known online, Promotion and Relegation. This led me to much research, many conversations, and things being said to me that I’m sure would not be said in a face to face setting as the anonymity of Twitter emboldens so many to do.

During this period of time I decided that a singular social media hashtag was needed to help bring together the many existing positive supporters of the idea that were floating in the wilds of the internet. That is where my initial #ProRelForUSA thoughts came from. It was my, however small, attempt to bring people together to exchange ideas, educate, and collaborate. This hashtag later led me to start a blog (ProRelForUSA.blogspot.com) where I attempted to help alleviate fears of what an Open Pyramid for US Soccer would bring via educational articles and simple research on many of the main fears and questions that so many, like myself just a few months earlier just learning about the subject and discussing in depth, have had.

Over the last 2 years we have now seen a proliferation of discussion about #ProRelForUSA both in traditional media outlets and in varied online platforms. I would like to think that giving everybody a centralized place to engage in the conversation has helped in some small part to push this conversation forward.

Unfortunately like any topic of discussion that has ardent supporters and detractors, the #ProRelForUSA movement has its share of radicalized proponents and opponents. It is hard to not find these people (or more likely have them find you) in any online discussion on the subject.

Today we as writers, bloggers, podcast hosts, media members, activists, coaches, club directors, club owners, players, supporters group members, and fans have joined together to make a final statement that those who feel that they are helping our cause with hyper-negative ‘attack dog’ antics online on every social media platform and comment section are not welcome in our movement.

#ProRelForUSA is a place to build bridges.
#ProRelForUSA is a place for education.
#ProRelForUSA is a place for conversation.
#ProRelForUSA is a place for growth.
#ProRelForUSA is a place for change.

It is not a movement based on personal attacks, negativity, degradation, racism, ethnic prejudice and hatred.

To those of you who think you are helping the greater soccer community and our movement with your negative actions… Thanks, but no thanks.

Chris Kessell