About Us

American Soccer United

American Soccer United is a division of United States Association Football, Inc.

American Soccer United is the mouthpiece of American soccer fans. ASU strives to provide a platform for all fans and lovers of the game to showcase life as an American soccer fan through different forms of media.

What we’re about is simple:

  • We want to create a network of those that love American soccer to grow the fan base and foster a welcoming community.
  • We want to organize a community that American soccer fans feel safe in and feel open to share the inside details of what it’s like supporting U.S. Soccer.
  • One Nation, One Team, One Fanbase. All are welcome.


If we've piqued your interest in joining or contributing, let us direct you to the next step. Read the document that started it all and then get in contact with us.

Reread the Call For Reform and then let's talk.