American Soccer Clubs United

Mission: To unify clubs in collectively petitioning for their rights and an open soccer system in the United States.

American Soccer Clubs United has been formed to give lower league teams a collective voice after the announcement that Dennis Crowley of Kingston Stockade, NPSL, and Ricardo Silva of Miami FC, NASL, are taking the case for Promotion and Relegation to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

There is no cost for clubs to join, only the will to support the best interests of your club. It’s the chance to officially unify and use your collective power and influence to change American soccer for the better, so that our clubs and country can realistically compete in a global football market. 

If you’re a club representative wanting to know how to get involved, click the button below and let us know about your interest or message us on Twitter (@AmericanSoccerU). If you're a fan looking to see your team added in the ranks, forward this page to them and ask them to join!

The Teams of American Soccer Clubs United

  • Gold Coast International Association FC
  • Bearfight FC
  • Lowcountry United
  • Western Nevada FC
  • Oakland Pamperos
  • Santa Ana Winds FC
  • Biloxi City FC
  • Motorik Football Club Alexandria
  • Santa Fe Wanderers KC
  • LK St. Clair Soccer Club
  • L.A. Wolves FC
  • Union Dubuque F.C.
  • Providence City FC
  • F.C. Kendall
  • Rockaway Beach FC
  • Lauderdale Soccer Club
  • San Francisco City FC
  • LA Roma FC
  • Riverside Coras
  • New Mexico Football Club
  • FC Austin Elite
  • Morgantown F.C.
  • Danbury City SC
  • FC Boulder
  • FC Denver
  • Boston Siege FC
  • The Valley Football Club
  • Club Toledo
  • FC Santa Clarita Storm
  • Frontier FC
  • Oakland County FC
  • Sports Identity FC
  • Muskegon Risers
  • DeKalb County United
  • Metro Rangers SC
  • Harpos FC
  • Duluth FC
  • FC Knights
  • Baltimore Kings Pro Soccer
  • Washington Fire Pro Soccer
  • FC Greeley
  • Gaffa FC
  • Chula Vista FC
  • Aurora Borealis Soccer Club
  • FC Motown
  • Spokane Shadow
  • Sporting Astoria Soccer Club
  • Katy Tigres FC
  • Inland Football Club