American Soccer United, Women’s Soccer Month and You

If there is one quote that sums up the USWNT, it is: women’s soccer month

“This team taught all of America’s children that playing like a girl means you’re a badass.”

The negative stigma attached to “playing like a girl” can have catastrophic consequences on a girl’s self-esteem and desire to pursue athletics. While this phrase and others like it has been used to deter girls from chasing their dreams throughout our culture’s history, people are standing together to oppose this mindset.

Whether it’s the Play Like a Girl nonprofit or this video from Always that exposes stereotypes, the message behind “playing like a girl” is quickly changing. The women who ply their trade in the beautiful game in America have become a keystone in the battle to redefine what “playing like a girl” means.

“Playing like a girl means you’re a badass”– President Obama said this resounding quote when the US Women’s National Team visited the White House after winning the 2015 World Cup. T
he USWNT World Cup winning squad has shifted what playing like a girl means for millions of people across the country and the world. Yet, one group of people might be having trouble coming to terms with the widespread shift in perception. women’s soccer month

The USWNT are embroiled in a battle with the US Soccer Federation for fair compensation.

This battle is complicated and has been drawn out behind closed doors during labor negotiations. It is as much about the actual dollars as it is a symbolic fight to establish that the women’s game must be taken just as seriously as the men’s game by the federation which directs it.

As stated in our call for reform: “Our women have demonstrated their excellence on an international level and deserve to be compensated by their federation accordingly. To do anything other than that is to affirm their claim that they are being treated as second-class citizens.”

Women have been integral in making soccer as big as it is an America today, be it playing in (and winning) the most watched American soccer game ever or making up 40% of those attending NASL matches in the 70s. It is impossible to deny that women are woven into the fabric of soccer’s history in America. women’s soccer month

Much of society must be changed for women to achieve true equality and quit, but due to the centuries of inequality, the specifics remain innumerable — yet not insurmountable. It will take as many supporters of equality and the game as are ready to stand in solidarity and fight.

That is why American Soccer United stands with the USWNT and the players in the NWSL in the struggle for equality. We have dedicated March as Women’s Soccer Month to follow our trend of month themes which revolve around reforms needed in American soccer.

If what you’ve read resonates with you and you’re thinking about getting involved, there is no better moment than the present. We are looking for content creators and anyone with passion and fresh ideas as we kick off #WoSoMonth.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t delay. women’s soccer month

Join American Soccer United in the fight for equality and true reform.

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