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What is the American Soccer United Media Network?

The American soccer landscape is thriving for players and clubs, as well as media outlets looking to cover the sport. Much like America, the variety of publications’ topics, mediums and tones are extremely diverse. However, there seems to be one vein of commonality that runs deep among content producers focused on soccer. Many are unhappy with the current state of the American game for a myriad of reasons. With much of this discontent falling under the responsibility of the United States Soccer Federation, the American Soccer United Media Network (ASUMN) has been formed to galvanize the outspoken and rally a base of support to push for reforms.

Is this music to your ears? Is this what your or your favorite publication is all about? If you frequently discuss reformation-based topics and express grievances with the state of American soccer and want to join in on a constructive conversation about how to make things better, this page is for you.


ASUMN Members

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Non League America (Blog and videos)



Soccer Girl (Blog and store)


Flakoglost (Podcast)


World Soccer Talk (Blog and podcasts)


GoalChatter (Blog)



Two Red Gringos (Podcast)


The First Eleven (Blog)


United Soccer History Archives (Blog)


The Soccer Observer (Blog)

#ProRelforUSA (Blog)

Soccernomics (Blog)

NPSL Northerner (Blog)