American Soccer Clubs United

After today’s announcement that Dennis Crowley of Kingston Stockade, NPSL, and Ricardo Silva of Miami FC, NASL, are taking the case for Promotion and Relegation to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), American Soccer Clubs United has been formed to give lower league teams a collective voice.

Mission:To unify clubs in collectively petitioning for their rights and an open soccer system in the United States.

There is no cost for clubs to join, only the will to support the best interests of your club. It’s the chance to officially add your voice to the promotion and relegation movement. It’s the chance make a difference and take a stand. It’s the chance to combine your voice with the voices of dozens of other clubs in support of an open system in the United States.

Are you a fan that’s interested in seeing your club join ASCU? Contact your club’s representatives and send them this post.

If you’re a club representative wanting to know how to get involved, email us your interest to or message us on Twitter at @AmericanSoccerU. Direct messages are always open.

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