The Foundation of Erie County FC

This article is written by Jonathan Molik (@JonathonMolik), the owner and founder of Erie County FC.

Erie County FC
Erie County FC’s logo.

I’ve played soccer my entire life and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to own and run my own team. Erie County FC started really almost a decade ago when my friends and I used to play soccer in my backyard. I used to create fake team names, standings, rosters, and logos. My team was always Erie County FC. It sort of went away after that.

In the FIFA video game series, my team was always named Erie County FC but that was about it. I played soccer throughout high school but unfortunately suffered a couple injuries that cut my career short during my junior year of High School. I needed to find a way to play still but not at such a demanding level. My friends Colin (Assistant Captain) and Jeff (Reserve Goalie) pushed me towards BDSL. The BDSL stands for Buffalo District Soccer League and is one of fourteen elite amateur leagues as part of the United States Adult Soccer Association. It is home to the longest running club soccer competition in the world which is the Tehel Cup (USOC of BDSL). I immediately wanted to take the reigns and knew I wanted to call it Erie County FC. It isn’t easy starting a team, that’s for sure. I had a group of players in mind and an idea for everything but getting things to fall into place has been a fun nightmare. It started with getting my application accepted by the league then having to find a home field, designing jerseys, marketing the club, and finding sponsors to fund a team that will result in no immediate financial return. It is like a full-time job I have to pay to do. I plan on running this no differently than any other grassroots team.

Our games will be recorded and put on YouTube and people can follow our season along on social media @ErieCountyFC. If you want to get involved we can be reached at

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