The Supporter’s Sword

The Inaugural Supporter's Sword Tournament winners: Providence City FC.

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February Frenzy Review: The Battle for the Supporter’s Sword

The Supporter’s Sword Tournament was created to kick off American Soccer United’s Supporter Month, where American Soccer United recognized the amazing fans of soccer teams around the country that make the growth of the world’s game successful here. While your team may win trophies on the field, fans deserve congratulations as well for the effort they put in week-in, week-out in the stands.

Thus, the Supporter’s Sword has been created to complement the historical fan creation of the Supporter’s Shield. And like the Supporter’s Shield isn’t a trophy but a shield, the Supporter’s Sword is an actual sword. However, the shield is a trophy that can only be awarded to MLS teams. In a country with a lower division culture that is growing and is as vibrant as America’s, a supporter trophy should be available to every team and their fans regardless of division or gender.

This 64 team tournament took to Twitter to ask fans which team has the best supporters. Teams were put into groups of four based on their region, and the two teams with the most votes advance. Then the 34 teams that were still in the tournament were sorted into groups of four (staggered on voter turnout), with the top two advancing again. The 16 teams left were pitted against each other in a knockout round, going from the Sweet Sixteen to the Elite Eight then the Final Four to the Final.

If you’re a fan of a team that didn’t make it into the tournament or didn’t advance past the first round, remember that there’s always next year! Get involved and get vocal to put your team in the running for the 2nd Annual Supporter’s Sword in February of 2018.

The 2017 Supporter's Sword Bracket

The knock-out stage of the tournament came down to the wire and saw a Cinderella-story of a final. #15 seed, Providence City FC, made a 2016-era Leicester run at the title, only to meet the Twitter-poll wall of the Bocazilians.

The Sweet Sixteen